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Earthquake Shut-Off Valve

Many of us moved to California for the great weather, but let’s face it, earthquakes and the possibility of the damages they can inflict on our homes or businesses is something of a trade-off. To help minimize the damages associated with a natural disaster, Repipe Expert is fully licensed to install all earthquake shut-off valves to your gas or water lines.

Earthquake shut-off valves are special valves that are designed to close when an internal sensor detects a sufficient level of seismic activity. Many gas or water shut-off valves can also trigger if there is an excessive flow of either water or gas, suggesting a sizeable leak. These valves can be extremely helpful in an emergency, and increase the overall safety of your home significantly, especially if your home is in Los Angeles!

Local water and gas companies have strict requirements where and how earthquake shut-off valves can be installed, and if they are done incorrectly, the utility company agents will remove them when reading your meter. It’s also extremely important to contact a licensed technician such as Repipe Expert when your earthquake shut-off valve is triggered—you’ll want to make sure that it is reset properly so that it will work in the future, and that there is no damage to your pipes, or any effect to the way that the valve was initially installed so that it continues to be a safety feature for you down the road.

If you’ve been considering installing an earthquake shut-off valve, call Repipe Expert today. We’ll get a licensed technician to you faster than any other plumbing company, and all of our pricing is guaranteed up front!