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Sewer Repair & Replacement

Sewer lines are the larger pipes under your homes and usually under the ground that are moving gray water and waste away from you house towards the city sewer system. Frequently these sewer lines come “under attack” from generally innocent and well-meaning Oak and Elm trees situated in your front yards. After all they are only trying to survive and provide you with the exact shade you wanted when you planted them.

A tree’s root system serves a number of purposes, two of them being, physical support for the tree itself and perhaps most importantly, water to feed it. Roots will seek out water and there’s water in sewer lines. They will breach the walls of clay or plastic sewer pipes seeking it and will create a tangled web of roots that will eventually block the sewer line altogether.

We can help. There are several options available that include Hydro-Jet, mechanical snaking of the lines or eventual replacement.  Call us for a FREE estimate and we’ll provide you with doable options at a reasonable price.