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Water Heaters (Tankless& Tanked)

Conventional tank water heaters – those large white cylinders you have in your garage, shed or basement – heat up the water for the average household. Take a shower or wash some dishes, the tank is refilled and hot water is again available. But at times that water is heated and reheated without ever being used, something to keep in mind.

But what if you don’t want to wait? Or if you’re tired of someone taking a 20 minute shower and being next in line, you have to wait for the tank to refill. Try Tankless!

Tankless heaters are on demand. Turn on the tap, or start running hot water in the tub and the tankless unit fires up and provides an endless stream of hot water, as long as the demand is there. If you have 4-5-6 people or more living in your home, then the correctly rated tankless heater may be an option for you. Call us and get a FREE estimate for a tankless install.

“The first automatic, storage tank-type gas water heater was invented around 1889 by Edwin Ruud after he immigrated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Ruud Manufacturing Company, still in existence today, made many advancements in tank-type and tankless water heater design and operation.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Tanked heaters are the standard for hot water heating in American homes. Available in many sizes, Repipe Expert can rapidly provide you with an estimate of repairing or replacing your water heater.